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Safety rules while working with essential oils

We deeply care about everyone who wishes to create own products with essential oils, so unless it is properly diluted with carrying oil (sweet almond, coconut oils, shea butter) in the correct proportion - please read below our safety tips:

Do not apply essential oils to eyesDo test on a small area for two -three days before application on a larger areaDo not take internally unless you have consulted with a certified specialistPeople with multiple chemical sensitivities or who have had allergic reaction to perfumes should proceed cautiously with essential oils. (Tisserand and Young p.658)Cancer treatment: Because of possible and unpredictable effects on immune mechanisms, Robert Tisserand recommends that essential oils are avoided from one week before to one month following a course of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. (Tisserand and Young p.656). Rhiannon Lewis suggests using oils through inhalers to manage nausea and anxiety during chemotherapy or radiotherapy.Epileptics: The following e…
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Coconut Oil from Natural Dental Care to Aiding Hair Growth

Coconut oil has been used in cosmetics as well becoming a huge hit in dental practice in recent years with oil pulling technique. Albeit the oil pulling can be done with other oils too, it has great qualities as reducing inflammation , antibacterial. The whitening effects may also would be visible for some, but results maybe mild to not noticeable at all.
The use of coconut oil pulling , however,instead of regular mouthwash is a natural way of keeping a great dental hygiene.
Coconut oil is safe to use on dry skin as nourishment, on hair to promote hair growth, as mentioned earlier as mouthwash. In the end, this oil is used in cooking due to its nutrition value, so win -win.
Raw(virgin) or refined?
The difference is a raw material used for oil production, while refined uses the dry coconuts, steam refined  without chemicals, the virgin oil is made of fresh coconuts. Coconut oil is rich in saturated fatty acids, and has a very low amount on unsaturated fatty acids.
Copra obtained from t…

Sweet Almond Oil Benefits - The Best Hands Recovery Moisturiser

In the last years, there is an increase attention to natural cosmetics; particularly using the same products on our body as we use on preparing foods. Two most popular products are coconut oil and sweet almond oil.

In this blog, we talk about Sweet Almond Oil also known as Prunus Dulcis (lat.) - native to the Middle East, India and North Africa, it was used in various beauty products, especially in Egyptian aromatherapy. The Egyptians used drops of Bitter Almond and Sweet Almond oil in production of anti-wrinkle facial oil. That oil was mixed with drops of Frankincense (brought from Somalia or Oman) and Rose Attar to heal and strengthen facial skin.

There are many studies on effectiveness and benefits of Sweet Almond Oil. One of the studies by Hiroko Kuriyama et al (2005) suggests the immunological as well as psychological benefits of aromatherapy massage, based on analysis of peripheral blood cells counts, white cells , lymphocytes - while using Sweet Almond Oil as a carrying oil.


Extraction Methods to produce the essential oils

There are various ways to extract the oil, below we look at some of those options.

⇿ By pressing ,used in extracting oil from peels (Lemon Essential Oil)

⇿ Distillation in the stream of water. In the ratio of 1:4 the raw material is distilled in a water vapour , the volatile oils are then transmitted through the pipes under pressure of heating water. The distillation process is the most commonly used to produce the essential oils to date.

⇿ Extraction with solvents, such as petroleum, benzene, acetone, toluene. Such method is particularly used to produce oil from flowers, for example rose, acacia, which are dissolved under high temperatures in the solvent. This method is very expensive and takes a lot of time to produce.

⇿ By maceration or extraction from concentrated solutions.

Cold pressed vs Expeller pressed
Cold pressed oil is produced without using a heat, and therefore retains its nutrients, the oil remain in solid state under 120F as with virgin coconut oil.
Expeller pressed oil…

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Arnica Oil for Bruising , Muscle Ache and Sprains

Arnica oil has been used for thousand years as a method to prevent and ease off muscle pains as well as a natural treatment for bruises.
Made of Arnica Montana or Arnica Chamissonis plants, by extracting the oil through distillation process of the flowers.
There are clinical research trials that suggested a positive effect on the application while comparing to the placebo. **
The care must be taken to use this product externally should you have any allergies, or sensitivity to the similar products, you might want to consult a doctors. Arnica oil is not recommended to pregnant or breastfeeding women.
As a part of post, we have reviewed the Arnica Massage Oil by Weleda. £14.95

Used once in the evening on a clean skin into the desired area.
Massage a small amount of oil in circular motions until oil is absorbed.
Used paper tissues to remove excess.

Verdict - BUY 9/10

Smell - flowery, herbal 5/10

Velocity - medium, 5/10

Absorption - gradually slow, use dry tissue to pat 5/10
For UK re…

Birch Oil is a Natural Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Birch Oil by Weleda, does it help to firm up a skin?
Birch Oil also known as Betulaceae is known for its skin regenerating qualities. The oil is extracted by dry distillation of fresh bark and branches with leaves, after distillation it often mixed with Wintergreen, which changes colour to clear yellow. There are two most types of birch used to distil the oil: White Birch or Silver Birch (Bentula Pendula) and Sweet Birch or Cherry Birch (Betula Lenta)
Birch oil consists of salicylic acid, methyl salicytate, betulene and betuneol. These components are essential of using Birch oil as disinfect, anticeptic, germicide as it successfully helps to treat bacteria, fungal infections.
The birch leaf extract used to distil into the oil has also received positive outcome for minimising the cellulite cells.**

The chemical composition
of Birch Oil is up to 96.5 % natural methylsulfate. The Complete Aromatherapy Handbook by Valerie Ann Worwood claims that when used externally Birch oil helps in healing…