Birch Oil is a Natural Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Birch Oil by Weleda, does it help to firm up a skin?
Birch Oil also known as Betulaceae is known for its skin regenerating qualities.
The oil is extracted by dry distillation of fresh bark and branches with leaves, after distillation it often mixed with Wintergreen, which changes colour to clear yellow. There are two most types of birch used to distil the oil: White Birch or Silver Birch (Bentula Pendula) and Sweet Birch or Cherry Birch (Betula Lenta)
Birch oil consists of salicylic acid, methyl salicytate, betulene and betuneol. These components are essential of using Birch oil as disinfect, anticeptic, germicide as it successfully helps to treat bacteria, fungal infections.
The birch leaf extract used to distil into the oil has also received positive outcome for minimising the cellulite cells.**

The chemical composition

of Birch Oil is up to 96.5 % natural methylsulfate. The Complete Aromatherapy Handbook by Valerie Ann Worwood claims that when used externally Birch oil helps in healing wounds and cellulite,as well as promotes hair growth.
There was a very little scientific evidence on the  methylsulfate or effectiveness of the oil.
Dermatological study by Weleda, used the oil twice daily for 28 days showed on average 35% firmer skin, 85 % of testers had visible skin improvement. The only information that is available is the name of the test centre - German dermatological specialists proDERM, Institut für Angewandte. There is no other data known, ie number of participants, and the research is not available openly for read or could be found.
Birch Oil may can be a great alternative as massage therapy to treat cellulite; however the words of caution : avoid using during pregnancy, if you have a history of seizures, allergic to methylsulfate. More research or open dermatology studies are welcomed to learn more about methylsulfate in particular.
We have tested Weleda Birch Oil .
Skin texture has definitely improved after two weeks of using, the oil has been used together with dry brushing technique.
Used once a day on a clean skin after shower .
Massage a small amount of oil into desired area in circular motion for a few minutes.
We found that massaging oils increases the blood circulation and so increases the results.
For best results follow dry brushing, shower and oil process. We have tried a few dry brushes and smaller ones seems works better and cactus bristles last longer, you can buy one of those on Amazon to try. Always massage lightly towards the heart with small strokes, for 5 -10mins.

Verdict - BUY 9/10

Smell - grassy, herbal 5/10

Velocity - medium, 5/10

Absorption - gradually slow, use dry tissue to pat 5/10

Short video how the birch oil is made (by Roberto Silva)

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