Disclaimer post

I have been passionate about beauty oils for many years as a preference to use natural products, knowing which ingredients are used and what exactly I am applying to my body.
This blog is a collection of weekly posts, where I analyse various oils in beauty industry,that I used myself and that I tested and bought throughout the years.
Since 2014 to 2018, I was running a beauty business with own product for broken capillaries eraser. I have had two successful exhibition at the Beauty Expo in London and met many wonderful people , who kindly shared their stories about this problem.
If you are interested in running a beauty business in such a competitive field, let me know by emailing your questions. I have done everything from scratch from research, to designing own packaging, writing business plans, organising the exhibitions and selling online, building own website. It was hard for me to close this page of my life after investing so much time and energy, but I am grateful for the experience and knowledge it has given to me.
While I pitched to the Boots in Nottingham, selected through Enterprise Nation membership to represent amongst other five brands- I struggled to upscale that was together with my health decline I decided to pause and move to Switzerland , where I am based now.
I hope sincerely, that you find information on this blog useful, I will try to add content as I go along , including all posts should I find something valuable.
My intention is not to sell the products, but share what has really helped me personally.
In order to support this blog, I will be adding some affiliate links, however I will also disclose on earnings. I will not collect your private data or use it to benefit anyhow.

Sincerely yours, Maria xo