Arnica Oil for Bruising , Muscle Ache and Sprains

Arnica oil has been used for thousand years as a method to prevent and ease off muscle pains as well as a natural treatment for bruises.
Made of Arnica Montana or Arnica Chamissonis plants, by extracting the oil through distillation process of the flowers.
There are clinical research trials that suggested a positive effect on the application while comparing to the placebo. **
The care must be taken to use this product externally should you have any allergies, or sensitivity to the similar products, you might want to consult a doctors. Arnica oil is not recommended to pregnant or breastfeeding women.
As a part of post, we have reviewed the Arnica Massage Oil by Weleda. £14.95

Used once in the evening on a clean skin into the desired area.
Massage a small amount of oil in circular motions until oil is absorbed.
Used paper tissues to remove excess.

Verdict - BUY 9/10

Smell - flowery, herbal 5/10

Velocity - medium, 5/10

Absorption - gradually slow, use dry tissue to pat 5/10
For UK readers, you can also purchase Arnica Cream, which absorbs much better into the skin to treat the bruises, we found this in Boots works very well.

Why not to watch how Arnica Oil is made by Weleda Australia

**Research studies