Coconut Oil from Natural Dental Care to Aiding Hair Growth

Coconut oil has been used in cosmetics as well becoming a huge hit in dental practice in recent years with oil pulling technique. Albeit the oil pulling can be done with other oils too, it has great qualities as reducing inflammation , antibacterial. The whitening effects may also would be visible for some, but results maybe mild to not noticeable at all.
The use of coconut oil pulling , however,instead of regular mouthwash is a natural way of keeping a great dental hygiene.
Coconut oil is safe to use on dry skin as nourishment, on hair to promote hair growth, as mentioned earlier as mouthwash. In the end, this oil is used in cooking due to its nutrition value, so win -win.
Raw(virgin) or refined?
The difference is a raw material used for oil production, while refined uses the dry coconuts, steam refined  without chemicals, the virgin oil is made of fresh coconuts. Coconut oil is rich in saturated fatty acids, and has a very low amount on unsaturated fatty acids.
Copra obtained from the dried coconuts as a source for making the oil through cold pressing method of coconut cake copra substance.
The refined oil is mainly used in cooking and virgin oil of a highest quality in cosmetic industry.
Coconut oil mainly comes from Australia, East Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Phillippines, Sri Lanka.
We recommend to use cold pressed extra virgin (pure and highest quality) or virgin coconut oil to use as a beauty oil,so read the labels carefully to ensure safe and best skin solution.
Coconut oil contains 80-90%  of saturated fat, within it about 47% lauric acid. It is the lauric acid that brings to this product the antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Scientific reports indicates that application of coconut oil may help with herpes, influenza.**
Further we found research that shows positive results of using coconut oil daily as mouthwash, which resulted in much less plague formation over course of 7 days use comparative with placebo.**
Best to store coconut oil in a dark, cool place so it retains its benefits in a sealed container.
The shelf life will vary, depending how it is stored and how the oil was produced, read more on extraction methods. Virgin oil may last for two to three years and refined for a few months, if product has an "off" smell or turned yellow - do not use it!
We reviewed  a virgin coconut oil , purchased locally, but I have sourced a similar product 1L Virgin Coconut Unrefined Oil:

Used as nourishment for elbows and knees to soften the skin.
Used on hair as a mask with a plastic bag and a towel for 30-40 mins, then washing as normal.
Used as cuticle nourishment for 10 mins before reapplying the nail varnish.
Used as oil pulling, a spoon every so often for 10-15 mins. ensure you do not dispose in the sink,but yes strangely enough into the rubbish bin to avoid sink clogging.

All in all - wonderful, multi use, fantastic value, lasts for years!

Verdict - BUY 10/10
Smell - nutty light smell 10/10
Velocity - solid until melted
Absorption - high absorbent 10/10

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